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L PETER DEUTSCH is a native of Massachusetts, U.S.A., now living in Sonoma County, California. His early music education included performance and composition for voice, piano, and recorder. After a long detour through a distinguished career in Computer Science, he returned to composition part-time in 1986 and full-time in 2003, including a M.A. degree under Frank La Rocca at CSU Hayward.

Deutsch's strengths as a composer include sparkling counterpoint and polyphony, lyrical melodies, fluent text setting, and the use of a large harmonic palette centered around modal scales. He writes primarily for small instrumental or a capella vocal ensemble, spanning styles from devotional to romantic to jazzy. His work to date includes three choral commissions, a full-length string quartet, and suites for brass quintet and piano trio. His music is recorded on the Navona and Ansonica labels and is also available for streaming through Spotify and Naxos.



Release Date: July 12, 2019


Acclaimed international piano trio Trio Casals makes a triumphant return with the fourth installment of Navona Records' MOTO series, zestfully interpreting nine new American compositions – virtually all of them either tailor-made or arranged for the ensemble.

L Peter Deutsch presents a lyrical, uncompromisingly aesthetic reminiscence about a day's end in a Southern French town in Sunset at Montélimar.




Release Date: September 14, 2018


With QUADRANTS, Navona Records presents six of today’s best modern string quartets that meld the old with the new, combining traditional forms with contemporary influences to present expressive, emotional works that both make and break the mold, through the multifaceted voice and intimate setting of the string quartet -- in this case, the acclaimed Boston group, the Pedroia String Quartet.

On QUADRANTS VOL. 2, each of the four movements of L Peter Deutsch's Departure connects clearly with the notion of a journey: "Anticipation," "Preparation," "Leave-Taking," and the finale of "Setting Sail." Especially for a contemporary composition, Departure is notably communicative, through its use of varied musical textures, of what is promised in its overall title and in that of each of its movements.




Release Date: June 8, 2018


Continuing in the series of Cuban recorded Ansonica Records projects comes CORO DEL MUNDO – choir of the world. With tracks ranging from sacred to secular, and from delicate to aggressive, the surprising cohesiveness of the composers’ work is astonishingly beautiful and impassioned. Schola Cantorum Coralina and Vocal Luna contribute exquisite vocals to the proceedings.

On CORO DEL MUNDO, L Peter Deutsch’s Dance to the Revolution takes inspiration from the writing of Emma Goldman, a seminal early-20th-century anarchist writer and activist, whose vision of ideal society spans interpersonal relationships, not only political or economic ones. Where Everything is Music transports the listener to Havana, with words excerpted from a poem by Rumi, the 13th-century Persian poet and mystic; as with much of Rumi's writing, the text asks us to recognize the greater reality of the spiritual compared with the physical world.




Release Date: May 11, 2018


Navona Records and the acclaimed ensemble Trio Casals proudly present MOTO BELLO, the next chapter in the moving series that brought 2015's MOTO CONTINUO and MOTO PERPETUO in 2013. Living up to its name, MOTO BELLO, or "beautiful motion", is a collection celebrating the synergy of Trio Casals and the vibrant works of ten contemporary composers featuring L Peter Deutsch.

On MOTO BELLO, the ensemble exists as the dynamic storyteller of each composer's artistic statement, weaving each tale of beauty in motion with their own inspired story.




Release Date: September 9, 2016


Navona Records is delighted to present DASHING, a festive album for the holiday season featuring brand new works and arrangements of holiday favorites by several outstanding composers, with performances by The Stanbery Singers, the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Salt Lake City Jazz Orchestra.

L. Peter Deutsch weaves choral voices with solo instruments on each of his Three Winter Holiday Songs, "A Winter's Rime", "Hodie Christus Natus Est", and "The Holly and the Ivy".



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"Where Everything is Music" | Arizona Women in Tune, 2012

"The Dimensions of Love" | Bay Choral Guild, 2011

"Brethren and Lovers" | San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus, 2008